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  • If you need to search the Monterey Peninsula, but don't know where to start, head straight to Coast Click, the local search site.

  • Smart people read the local periodicals
    • The Monterey County Herald
      A fresh copy shows up on our porch every morning and keeps us one step ahead of the clueless masses.
    • The Carmel Pine Cone
      Putting ink on paper since 1915, Carmel's hometown weekly provides a distinctly human touch to the news and it doesn't cost a dime. The editorials lean so far to the right that the publisher often has trouble supporting himself, but otherwise it's a darn good paper. A popular feature is the detailed police log. You can find hard copies on many public streetcorners or download entire issues in PDF format direct to your favorite electronic device.
    • Monterey County Weekly
      A free left-leaning alternative paper that also features a comprehensive entertainment guide. They also do some of the best in-depth reporting in the region.
    • Carmel Magazine
      Though slick, glossy and loaded with ads for things you probably can't afford, it provides down-to-earth insights into local culture. Pick it up for free almost everywhere newsper boxes are found. 
    • Foolish Times
      A locally generated humor tabloid. Almost as fun as sand in your shoes!
  • If you prefer to watch TV
    • KSBW
      The Monterey Bay region's oldest TV station, named for its location in the Salinas "salad bowl," is the local NBC affiliate. They also have a separate channel for ABC programming. KSBW has the best and most experienced news team in the region, and the weather guy knows his stuff. As of this writing, they're the only local channel that has a 6:00 PM newscast on weekends.
    • KION
      It has it's CBS "eye on the central coast" (I-ON, get it?). Their news anchors tend to blow through town en route to jobs in other cities with annoying frequency, but they do seem to get on top of Monterey Peninsula news faster than the other station mentioned above.
    • KOTR
      A MyNetwork TV station serving the Monterey Bay area. "The Otter" as it's called, serves up syndicated programs plus some San Francisco Giants games. We just wish they would learn how to format different aspect ratios properly.
    • KYMB
      We love this MeTV channel which plays all of our favorite classic TV programs. That's pretty much all they do and we're glad!
    • KQED
      Our nearest public TV station is based in San Francisco. They have four channels available over the air or on Comcast cable. Alas the last time we checked, satellite services only offer one of these (labeled as KQET), so if you like PBS definitely go with cable!
  • Dial surfers can catch the best radio waves on these frequencies
    • KAZU - 90.3 FM
      If non-stop NPR is your thing, this is the place for you. It's run by the university people at CSUMB.
    • KSPB - 91.9 FM
      A station run by the Robert Louis Stevenson high school. Listen to the BBC or whatever music the students decide to put on
    • KMZT - 106.7 FM
      K-Mozart, as it is called, brought much-needed classical music back to the local airwaves after the demise of K-Bach many years ago. It's one of those automated stations, with no DJs to announce the titles, but if you're curious you can look up the playlist on their website. It is owned by Mount Wilson Broadcasting, but we're a little puzzled about who's footing the bill as we haven't heard a single commercial on the air since it started up in late summer 2013.
    • KWAV - 97 FM
      Light rock and syrupy pop.
    • KRML -102.1 FM & 1410 AM
      KRML in Carmel was portrayed as a jazz station in the 1971 Clint Eastwod movie Play Misty For Me, though at the time the station actually had an easy listening format. It then adopted a Christian format for a few years. In the early 1980s it began a three-decade run as a real jazz station. Since 2012 it has presented an eclectic mix of alternative rock, blues, and the good stuff from earlier generations. While we miss having a full-time jazz station on The Peninsula, the current offerings make KRML very much worth tuning in.
    • KDFC - 103.9 FM
      KDFC is as listerner-supported classical music station owned by the University of Southern California. Based  in San Francisco, KDFC broadcasts on several frequencies in central California blanketing territory as far up as Lake County. KDFC began covering the Monterey Bay region in 2016 when they acquired the former KBOQ transmitter. They have real DJs who know their music and who provide interesting tidbits of information as they announce the musical offerings.
    • KPIG - 107oink5 FM
      The Pig is one of the most beloved radio stations in the Monterey Bay area, and rightly so. Appropriately located in the town of Freedom, KPIG is the perfect antidote to cookie-cutter corporate pop offerings. During most of the day actual DJs occupy the sty presenting a cool and unusual mixture of country, folk, blues, and classic rock, with a little comedy thrown in. They often play lesser known artists, and throw in a few fake commercials here and there. Alas, they have gone automated during the night, but the computers still play the same great stuff. The signal is a little weak on some areas of The Peninsula, but comes in clear in many others.
    • KNRY - 1240 AM
      KNRY plays hits from the '50, '60s, and, '70s as we originally heard them, on AM radio! The station broadcasts from the transmission tower on Cannery Row. Like KMZT above, it is owned by Mount Wilson Broadcasting and has no visible means of financial support in that there are no commercials and no requests for donations. No DJs and no website, either.
      This is a technical site for those of you with radio scanners. It lists the radio frequencies for the local police and fire departments, ambulance services, airports and other things. 

Monterey Peninsula Toy Box

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